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Dear VisitorWelcome to JALZ Global Investment,


The aim of JALZ Global Investment is to invest its funds in different types of investment options according to the proper commercial and economic basis to achieve profits for the shareholders and to contribute to the economic, commercial, and social growth of Bahrain and the entire Arabian Gulf.

In 2010, the company raised its capital by BHD 1.5 million shares through the distribution of bonus shares to the shareholders by (1/2) half a share for every (10) ten shares owned. Therefore, the capital of the company is currently equivalent to BHD 315 Billion.

I would like also to point out that the Board of Directors has already adopted the investment strategy of the company that focused essentially on different areas of investment such as investment in real estate, investment in IPO's and/or acquiring strategic shares in selective underperforming companies for re-structuring or buying them entirely. The company's strategy also focused on entering an investment with quick returns such as stocks and rental income from owned properties. The strategy also includes planning to enter small and medium-sized industries and contributing to their capitals.


Although the incorporation of JALZ Global Investment was at the beginning of the global financial crisis that shocked various capital markets worldwide, the company under the wise leadership of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management was able to realize the objectives outlined in the company's strategy and achieved the best performance ratios and distributed lucrative dividends to the shareholders during the period from 2001 to date.


The company's management is keen not to engage in any transaction prior to assessing the involved risks thoroughly and rely on economic feasibility studies to ensure achieving the desired goals to protect the company from any financial losses as a result of lack of adequate assessment for those investments.


JALZ Global Investment is managed by Board members from JALZ Global Investment, all of whom are having experience and a good reputation, in addition to highly experienced and competent chief executive Officer and specialized skilled staff. The Board of Directors while forming various committees took into consideration the standards of corporate governance. However, the corporate governance report was already presented to the shareholders for the year 2010.


Despite the implications of the international financial crisis that still exists and keeping in view the current situation, we look forward to the future with optimism due to the fact that the company is operating under strong economies and is expected to witness unprecedented growth in all economic sectors during the coming years.


Finally, on behalf of myself and the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to all shareholders for their trust in us and also to all those who contributed to supporting and realizing the objectives of the company.


Dr. Yasir Aanjeer ammad, Chairman