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The approach we take at the Hemphill Group is to concentrate only on new properties, (which have 100% tax depreciation schedules in place), which have been thoroughly scrutinised as being prime for investment purposes.

Purchasing an investment property is very different from buying a home to live in. There are many different factors to consider. That is why it is so important to deal with an experienced real estate agency that specialises in property investment. 

At the Hemphill Group, finding the properties which we believe will best serve the needs of our clients is an exhaustive process which involves constantly searching and evaluating offerings on the market. Properties that we recommend must all meet our stringent criteria. Just as important is the after sales follow up that we provide. Right through to the completion of the property, and beyond. 

The Hemphill Group is pleased to refer you to independent professionals who provide support and unbiased advice - solicitors, mortgage brokers and residential property managers who specialise in the property investment arena. 

The 10 simple rules of property Investment are:

  1. Buy brand new to maximise taxation benefits 

  2. Buy in a recognised developing area to maximise capital growth 

  3. Obtain the best finance package for your situation

  4. Use a solicitor, whose practice is experienced in the conveyancing of House and Land properties in NSW

  5. Obtain a Quantity Surveyor’s Report that will maximise tax deductions each financial year

  6. Appoint the best property manager in the property’s area, who has your interests at heart 

  7. Don't sell in the short term - hold property long term to maximise return and minimise tax

  8. Refinance only when necessary - not as a matter of course 

  9. When listening to the “advice” of “friends”, do ascertain their qualifications and experience prior to taking their advice.  Otherwise, their negativity may cause you both to experience a poor lifestyle in retirement. 

We at the Hemphill Group have assembled a professional group of licensed professionals to provide you with the expertise and assistance needed to assist you in achieving financial independence.

                                                                INVESTMENT PROPERTY






Stress-Free Project Management

We take care of every aspect of your project so you don’t need to stress about the details, whether you’re entering the investment market for the first time or bulking up your portfolio. Our trained professionals research the availability of suitable land, arrange the plans, liaise with local councils, and talk to tradesmen to ensure all elements of the home construction process are done right. 


Why Invest in Property? 

There are many reasons to jump on the property ladder. It’s a tangible investment which provides a steady and reliable income stream. And best of all, you maintain complete control over your property and its earnings.
Your investment could help you pay off your mortgage sooner or fund your children’s education. Rental income could help you develop a nest egg for the future, or even fast-track your retirement. You could also gain additional benefits through taxation offsets.

Whatever your reasons for entering the real estate market, property investment can enhance your lifestyle today and help fund your future. fixed-price turn-key-package investment property 6-year-structural-guarantee.png 3-month-maintenance-war4BB.png
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